AZUMA™ Facial Mask Machine (Collagen Included)

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The natural ingredients & smooth jelly texture will keep your skin healthy and clean from the chemicals you typically contract from traditional face masks. With the AZUMA™ your skin will have a chance to:  HYDRATE. CLEANSE. & NOURISH.

  Organic & Efficient DIY Masks

With the AZUMA, facial masks can now be made in just a few minutes, as opposed to the long & traditional method of making them at home.
The AZUMA has collagen and this brings a variety of benefits. Collagen is a well renowned solution to fight acne, remove wrinkles, and overall increase skin health. The collagen + the organic ingredients you put inside the masks will bring you the clear and vibrant skin you've always wanted!  

Acne System – SLMD Skincare by Sandra Lee, M.D. - Dr. Pimple Popper

Mix & Match Different Fruits and Vegetables (Free Ebook recipe)

 It's very important to find a skincare product that matches your skin type and aligns with your skin's chemistry. Everyone's skin reacts differently to different skincare products, which is why a product that works for your friend may irritate your skin. With the AZUMA you can mix up different formulas with ease, and tailor the facial masks to match your skin type. 

  Simplified & Voice Guided Mask-Making

   The AZUMA™ has a built in Automated Machine Voice to help guide you through the process of mask making.The voice will tell you when your masks are ready, when to dispense your masks, and a variety of other tips. It doesn't stop there!The AZUMA™ also comes with a small handbook that shows different fruit mask formulas and their benefits, just in case you have a hard time choosing which mask to make. 


Benefits of Using The AZUMA™

  • Create skin saving natural fruit and vegetable facial masks with the iFruit™ 

  • The AZUMA™ is completely free from preservatives, lead, mercury, and any other irritating substances in an effort to promote a more safe and healthy environment. 

  • The AZUMA™ creates safe and healthy masks that are better absorbed into your skin than other facial masks. This is especially due to the collagen that is well known for its skin softening properties. 

  • The AZUMA™ allows you to customize your mask to match with your skin type, in which you can make masks from any ingredient! 

  • There is no need to waste your facial masks because the masks are in fact, biodegradable!

  • The AZUMA™ is an incredibly economic and convenient way to achieve amazing skin at home, as compared to buying face masks from the store frequently.

  • The AZUMA™ is very easy to clean and is capable of creating an infinite amount of facial masks. 

  • The AZUMA™ will rid you of acne, wrinkles, and help you achieve the clear & bright skin you've always wanted!



How To Use The iFruit™ 

What's included when you buy an AZUMA™? 


  • 1 AZUMA™ Facial Mask Machine

  • 1 AZUMA™ Facial Mask Dish

  • 1 Power Plug

  • 1 AZUMA™ Instructions Manual/Beauty Guide 

  • 1 AZUMA™ Facial Mask Knife

  • 1 Cleaning Brush

  • 1 Measuring Cup

  • 3x AZUMA™ Collagen Peptide Packets (32 Total)

  • 1 AZUMA™ Box Packaging 




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